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Relief for Your Hip Pain

Relief for Your Hip Pain

Your hips are vital joints that make it possible for you to be physically active. Because of their versatility, your hip joints are also susceptible to injuries and degenerative diseases that leave you in chronic pain.

At his sports medicine practice, Carlos A. Uquillas, MD, can diagnose and treat a variety of underlying causes of persistent hip pain. He focuses on nonsurgical therapies to ease your pain and improve the overall function of your hip joints.

Why your hips are hurting

Your hips are ball and socket joints that are held in place with strong ligaments and muscles. When there’s damage to any of these structures, it can cause persistent irritation and inflammation that results in pain.

One of the most common causes of hip pain is osteoarthritis, a degenerative disease that develops when the protective cartilage that covers your bones wears away. This allows your bones to rub together without protection, triggering chronic inflammation. Over time, untreated osteoarthritis can lead to deformities in your hip joint.

Other causes of chronic hip pain include:

You might also develop hip pain because of problems in your spine. Issues like spinal stenosis and herniated discs can cause pain from your lower back to radiate down into your hips and legs.

Getting an accurate diagnosis

It’s important that you get the right diagnosis for hip pain as soon as possible to prevent additional injuries and long-term complications.

Dr. Uquillas offers in-office X-rays and other diagnostic imaging tests to identify the source of your hip pain. He also performs a comprehensive physical exam to assess how much range of motion you have in your hips and to identify issues like swelling and bruising.

To get a clear understanding of what else might be contributing to your hip pain, Dr. Aquallas can discuss your lifestyle, your job, and what activities you like. In some cases, activities you do regularly can increase your risk for chronic hip pain, especially if you stand on hard surfaces for long periods of time or if you play soccer or other sports that are hard on your hips.

Ways to find hip pain relief now

Your initial treatment plan for mild to moderate hip pain may involve over-the-counter or prescription medications to relieve inflammation and pain. You can also benefit from lifestyle changes that take the pressure off your hip joints, such as adding arch supports to your shoes and resting regularly when you have to stand for extended periods of time.

If these conservative treatments aren’t enough to ease pain or if your hips are damaged by osteoarthritis, you might be a candidate for surgery. Dr. Uquillas specializes in hip arthroscopy, minimally invasive joint preservation surgery, and partial or total hip replacement surgeries.

While surgery is typically a last-resort option for treating hip pain, Dr. Uquilllas will work with you through the decision-making process. He can help you explore your options for hip pain relief, so you get the best possible results from your treatment.

Find relief from hip pain today by calling the office of Carlos A. Uquillas, MD, nearest you or by booking a consultation online. 

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