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I’m An Athlete: Should I See a Sports Medicine Specialist?

I’m An Athlete: Should I See a Sports Medicine Specialist?

Athletes at all levels can suffer greatly because of an injury. If your injury is keeping you away from the sport you love, or if you’re unable to meet your other responsibilities because of a sports injury, you should absolutely meet with an experienced sports medicine specialist like Carlos A. Uquillas, MD.

Dr. Uquillas not only knows how to diagnose and treat all types of musculoskeletal conditions common in sports, he also specializes in helping both adult and child athletes get back to the game safely.

Working as the team physician for the Los Angeles Black Storm, the director of Sports Medicine at Shriners Hospitals for Children in Pasadena, California, and an orthopedic consultant for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Kings has given Dr. Aquillas extensive insight into what it takes to help athletes heal and thrive.

The specialty of sports medicine

Sports medicine focuses on diagnosing and treating orthopedic injuries that occur in sports and with physical activity. As a sports medicine specialist, Dr. Uquillas also ensures athletes heal fully and have access to the rehabilitative services they need to regain their strength.

Common sports-related musculoskeletal conditions we treat include:

We also specialize in diagnosing and treating tennis elbow, runner’s knee, and other overuse injuries common in sports.

Our offices are equipped with advanced diagnostic imaging technologies to accurately confirm the nature of your injury, so Dr. Uquillas can create the right treatment plan for you.

Benefits of seeing a sports medicine specialist

Whether you’re a professional athlete or are new to a certain sport, working with a sports medicine specialist does more than help you heal. Dr. Uquillas will make sure you’re returning to the game only when you’re fully healed and not at risk for further injury.

We also provide you with resources to prevent future injuries, such as how to warm up your muscles properly before you start physical activity, what exercises you should do to strengthen your body, and how to care for your overall health to keep you in shape for sports.

Because Dr. Uquillas understands what it takes to be an athlete, he can offer you valuable insights into what you can do to be a better athlete.

Access to advanced treatments for sports-injuries

Working with a sports medicine specialist like Dr. Uquillas gives you access to the latest treatment for orthopedic injuries related to sports.

Some of the non-surgical treatments we offer include medications, physical therapy, and regenerative therapies using stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Regenerative therapies harness your body’s own ability to heal itself from the inside out without surgery.

Dr. Uquillas also uses advanced surgical techniques to treat injuries when conservative treatments can’t help. He specializes in cartilage surgery and:

Following surgery, we provide you with resources that support a full recovery from your injury. Dr. Uquillas will monitor your healing process and recommend when it’s safe to return to your sport of choice.

Don’t put off an evaluation for a sports-related injury. Call the office of Carlos A. Uquillas, MD, nearest you today or book a consultation online. 

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