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Fracture Care Specialist

Carlos A  Uquillas, M.D. -  - Sports Medicine Specialist

Carlos A Uquillas, M.D.

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Without the right treatment, a simple fracture can turn into a serious problem. Carlos Uquillas, MD, is a skilled orthopedic surgeon with extensive experience in diagnosing and treating all types of fractures. Dr. Uquillas provides comprehensive fracture care at his Los Angeles offices in Westchester and Pasadena, and in in San Fernando Valley/Tarzana, California. Whether you need a cast or require surgery to repair a fracture, you can rely on the customized treatment available from Dr. Uquillas. Schedule an appointment online or by phone today to learn more about the fracture care services at the office of Carlos Uquillas, MD.

Fracture Care

What is a fracture?

A fracture is a break in a bone. If the broken bone protrudes through your skin, it’s known as a compound or open fracture.

You can suffer a fracture in a fall, during sports, or in an auto accident. You’re at increased risk for repeated fractures if you have weak bones because of osteoporosis. This condition causes the loss of bone density.

If you’re overweight or obese, you’re at a higher risk of suffering stress fractures. This type of bone damage happens over time because of the excess pressure your weight or intense physical activity place on your bones.

What are the symptoms of a fracture?

Immediately after the accident, you’ll usually experience intense pain in the area of the broken bone. It’s also common to experience symptoms like:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Numbness
  • Tingling sensations
  • Loss of mobility

If you have a compound fracture, you will be able to see the bone through your skin and will bleed. A compound fracture requires emergency medical care to prevent infection, heavy blood loss, and other complications.

How is a fracture diagnosed?

When you have symptoms of a fracture, Dr. Uquillas takes time to review your medical history and the activities you were doing when your symptoms began.

To confirm your symptoms related to a fracture, Dr. Uquillas uses X-rays and other diagnostic tools in his office. He determines where and how severe the bone break is so that he can develop the best course of treatment.

What fracture care services are available?

Using a customized treatment plan, Dr. Uquillas works to stabilize your bone and reduce your risk of complications.

If you have a mild to moderate fracture, you’ll need to wear a brace or a cast to give your body time to heal on its own. Dr. Uquillas can recommend over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatories to keep you comfortable.

If you’ve suffered a severe fracture, you could need surgery to repair it. Dr. Uquillas specializes in the surgical treatment of all fractures, including pediatric fractures. He can treat growth plate fractures that could interfere with a child’s growth if not handled correctly.

The growth plate is a layer of growing tissues that develop at the end of a child’s bones. These soft areas are weak and are vulnerable to injuries from sports or falls. If left untreated, growth plate injuries can lead to crooked bones or one arm or leg that’s shorter than the other.

If you believe that you or your child has a fracture, don’t delay an evaluation. You can schedule an appointment by calling the office of Carlos Uquillas, MD, nearest you or by requesting a consultation online today.